(email: ana.arizmendi@cimav.edu.mx)


Laboratory: CIMAV-Monterrey (Mexico)

Address: Alianza Nte. 202 Parque PIIT N.L. MX

 Tel. +52(81)11560811



Advanced thermal barrier coatings are developed for future ultra-efficient, low emission engine systems. Part of our research at Cimav focuses on the use of waste materials for applications as thermal and environmental barrier coatings (TEBCs), which can be used in hot section components of aircraft gas turbines. These materials are important due to their ultra-low thermal conductivity, mechanical properties and microstructure that increase their efficiency and performance. Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) technique is used for the preparation of these coatings due to its flexibility to use in different types of substrates and easy control of deposition thickness. The research contains microstructure, thermophysical properties and new experimental data about the high temperature behavior of TEBCs. Additionally, we perform mechanical and chemical synthesis of novel materials to obtain nanostructured EPD coatings with improved microstructural, thermal and mechanical properties for their application on advanced metallic materials. This research involves the design and simulation of novel materials using FactSage Software® based on Integrated Thermodynamic Databank System for the development of modified binary and ternary phase diagrams and the multi-phases involved.


Selected publications

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  • A. Chávez-Valdez, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho, G. Vargas, J.M. Almanza, J. Álvarez-Quintana.  Acta Materialia 59 (2011) 2556–2562.
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