(email: shims@tobata.isc.kyutech.ac.jp)


Laboratory: The Ceramic Chemistry Laboratory  (Japan)

Address: Kyushu Institute of Technology,

             1-1 Sensui-cho, Tobata, Kitakyushu,

              Fukuoka, 804-8550, Japan

Tel: +81-93-884-3323, Fax: +81-93-884-3300



My research group has investigated functional ceramic materials for fuel cells (AFC, PEFC) , environmental chemical sensors,  ceramic phosphors, and so on.  For the fuel cell materials, we have developed highly active oxygen electocatalysts, such as perovskite-, pyrochlore- types oxides, sulfides, nitrides, metal-phthalocyanines, etc.  Electrochemical solid-state gas/ion sensor devices based on highly-ion conductive solid electrolyte thin/thick films and various receptor materials were investigated. 

We apply the EPD technique for fabrication of highly dimensional ordered catalysts  for high performance  oxygen electrode of fuel cells and also apply it for preparation of ceramic thick-films for chemical sensors, and ceramic phosphors.


Selected publications

  • Preparation of Sn/Mn Zirconium Phosphate as Rare Earth Free Possible White Emitting Phosphor, T.  Nishizaki and Y. Shimizu, J. Alloys and Compds (2013) in press.
  • Preparation of Perovskite-Type Oxide Thick-Film Device by EPD Method and Its Application for Electrochemical Hydrogen-Phosphate Ion Sensor, T. Inagaki, T. Matsumoto, S. Takase, and Y. Shimizu, Key Eng.Mater., 507, 215-219 (2012).
  • Preparation of Amperometric Hydrogen-Phosphate Ion Sensor Based on Perovskite-Type Oxide Thick-Film by EPD Process, S. Takase, T. Matsumoto, and Y. Shimizu, Electrochemistry, 78 (2), 150-152 (2010).