(email: g.falk@nanotech.uni-saarland.de) 

Laboratory: Institute of Powder Technology of Glass and Ceramics (Germany)

Name of working group: (Bio-)functional interfaces and particle technology

Address: Saarland University, Campus C6 3, D-66123 Saarbruecken, Germany




The work of the “(bio-)functional interfaces and particle technology working group” of the institute includes synthesis of nanosized functional particles, particle patterning and particle shaping at (bio-) functional interfaces and consolidation of designed nano and sub-micron microstructures by thermal and athermal methods. Basis for this research is often provided by the specific interactions of functionalized particles at electrified (bio-)functional interfaces resulting in patterned as well as directed self-assembled structure formation (1D, 2D, 3D). Intensively examined examples are the particle deposition and directed self-assembling of nanoparticles at functional membrane surfaces under specific electrokinetic and electrohydrodynamic boundary conditions.

Since colloidal interfaces are described by fundamental electrochemical basics and colloidal properties are investigated by electrochemical experimental techniques, tailoring of colloids, dispersing media and interfaces for 2D/3D patterning of nanoparticles from aqueous suspensions are realized predominantly by electrochemical methods. These electrochemical methods incorporate electrochemical processes in conjunction with radiation (direct modification of surfaces or traditional resist formation/nanopattern transfer) or electrokinetics and/or electrohydro-dynamics (maskless direct structuring/ writing processes).

Based on a fundamental understanding of colloidal deposition ceramic particulates at interfaces the work of the group focuses on new local deposition methodologies of colloidal ceramic matters onto suitable substrates under the influence of external electrical fields.


Selected publications

  • Falk, G.: Macro- and microscale fabrication by field assisted nanoparticle assembly – The challenging path from science to engineering. Key Eng. Mat. (2012), in press
  • Falk, G.; Mayen, R and Clasen, R.: Electrophoretic impreagnation/deposition complemented with polymeric templating for the fabrication of fuctionalized-porosity layered-ceramics: A solid oxid fuel cell approach. J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 95 (2011), 593
  • Falk, G.: Electrohydrodynamics and electrokinetics of colloidal ceramic gels: Fundamentals and applications. Key Eng. Mat. 314 (2006), 257