(email: janet@clearclad.co.uk)


Laboratory: LVH Coatings Ltd. (UK)

Address: Station Road. Coleshill, Birmingham

UK, B46 1HT




Dr. Janet Hope is a technical assistant at LVH Coatings Ltd, a private company that develops and commercialises electrodepositable paint processes utilising both purely organic and composite material systems. These organic polymer-based aqueous processes utilise principles of electrophoresis in their deposition as well as various other electrochemical mechanisms. LVH Coatings has accumulated substantial expertise in the formulation and management of aqueous polymer electrodeposition, especially in respect of substrate preparation and process control in an industrial environment. Janet is active in pure research as well as technical support for LVH’s UK and international customers.


Selected publications

  • J. Hope, P. Hope, Electrophoretic deposition of polyaryletheretherketone (PEEK) from a matching density solvent mixture, Key Engineering Materials. 507 (2012) 175-179