(email: amca@chemeng.ntua.gr)


Laboratory: Laboratory of Inorganic Materials (LIMT) (Greece)

                 National Technical University of Athens
                 School of Chemical Engineering


Iroon Polytechneiou 9

15773 Zografou – Athens




The research interest of Prof. Argirusis is focused is mainly focused on electroceramics and methods that apply in enhancing their primary characteristics. It all starts with the synthesis of new ceramic materials. Accordingly, the production of nanomaterials is leading to coatings application to the ceramic substrates. Among many standard methods we are using for the preparation of nanomaterials with tailor made properties especially regarding surface modification is sonochemistry and sono-electro-chemistry.
In the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials (LIMT) we use EPD as a tool for the preparation of functional layers mainly for energy applications, for oxidation protection of C/C composites as well as for the separation of nanostructured powders from stable suspensions directly on substrates. Finally, the performance of these novel materials and layers is tested under various parameters of temperature, pressure and several atmospheres.


Selected publications

  • Argirusis Chr., Damjanović T. and Borchardt G., "Preparation of SOFC cells by means of electrophoretic deposition", Key Engineering Materials, 314 (2005) 101-106
  • T. Damjanović, Chr. Argirusis, H. Leipner, R. Herbig, G. Tomandl, G. Borchardt and R. Weiss, “Oxidation protection of C/C-Si-SiC composites by electrophoretic deposition from a sol-gel mullite precursor system“, J. Europ. Ceram. Soc., 25 (2005) 577-587
  • J. Große-Brauckmann, S.Matic, O. Schneider and Chr. Argirusis, "Deposition of sonochemically derived nano particles", Key Engineering Materials, 412 (2009) 65-69