(email: james.h.dickerson@vanderbilt.edu)


Laboratory: The Dickerson Group (USA)

Address: Dept. of Physics,Vanderbilt University 

              Nashville, Tennessee, USA



My research philosophy in nanoscience and nanotechnology has been greatly informed by the potential to understand more about the intrinsic properties of materials and how control over those properties could be exploited for device applications that would contribute to society.  This has led me to pose the question:

 What is the safest, most time and cost efficient, size scalable, and controllable method to handle and distribute nanoparticles to fabricate functional devices, architectures, and materials?

 Answering this question would: A) help the scientific community better understand how to exploit nanoscale phenomena to make enhanced next-generation devices; B) help establish manufacturing systems and protocols for industrial outfits to employ nanomaterials for functional device fabrication.  To address this question, I have developed complementary research interests in physics, materials science, and chemistry to synthesize, to characterize, and to investigate nanomaterials and nanoscale phenomena.  Thus, my research activities are intrinsically multidisciplinary.  My group has addressed this fundamental question through the development of vibrant programs of research in the Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanomaterials.



Selected publications

  • A. J. Krejci, I. Gonzalo-Juan, and J. H. Dickerson, Evolution of ordering in iron oxide nanoparticle monolayers using electrophoretic deposition, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 3, 3611, 2011.
  • S.A. Hasan, J.L. Rigueur, R.R. Harl, A.J. Krejci, I. Gonzalo-Juan, B.R. Rogers, and J.H. Dickerson, Transferable Graphene Oxide Films with Tunable Microstructures, ACS Nano 4, 7367, 2010.
  • S. V. Mahajan, S.A. Hasan, J Cho, M. S. P. Shaffer, A. R Boccaccini, and J. H. Dickerson, Carbon nanotube–nanocrystal heterostructures fabricated by electrophoretic deposition, Nanotechnology 19, 195301, 2008.